Zach is the unsuspected pizza delivery guy. Thanks to his moped scooter, the group is always ready to deliver everywhere what no one else ever would. He’s the leader of the group, or at least he’s convinced he is.

Mayor Burger

Mayor Burger is the mascot of a fast food chain. Diplomatic, sly, and manipulative–a mayor needs all these qualities to manage Burgerland successfully. And also to keep his friends out of trouble. Underneath the costume is a girl that has probably gotten way too into character.


Malie is the chef at a Mexican restaurant. She loves danger, and her goal is to create the perfect sauce incorporating extreme hotness that teeters on the cusp of spontaneous combustion. All of her failed attempts, while too dangerous to eat, are not wasted. They become bombs ready to be used during battle!


Spike works in a coffee shop as a waiter. He has worked long hours for many years, staying up late thanks to the aid of a disproportionate amount of coffee. This is why he’s always on edge: he acts and moves in such a jittery way that he’s practically unpredictable!